Leadership in action, Event management.

Slaktkyrkan is a club in Stockholm's old butcher district. It is located in one of the oldest butcheries and is stamped as cultural heritage. The building gives you the feeling of being in a church with a glass ceiling and a stage.  The club has a capacity of 700 people and has hosted bands such as Swans (US), Kite (SWE), Sunn 0))) (US), French Montana (US), Alfa Mist (UK), and Tinariwen(Sahara) to name a few.

I was involved in creating and managing the concept of the club from preproduction, to startup face two years into the project. The tasks involved cooperating with a diverse team of artists, managers, bookers, and personnel to manage bigger events and the concept of the club itself. It also involved working on starting up the two sister clubs Kvarteret and Hus 7. 

Here I learned to work with multiple stakeholders, lead projects from start to finish, and manage events in action. The experience took me on one of the most experience-building journeys of my life and gave me the tools for future success.