Hus 7

Leadership in action, Event management.

Hus 7 is the sister club of Slaktkyrkan. Although the two clubs are located next to each other, they have different music directions and concepts. While Slaktkyrkan aims to appeal to a larger crowd, Hus 7 has a more underground direction, featuring smaller punk and techno acts, as well as art exhibitions. 

During my time at Hus 7, we hosted various events such as Shean Rogg's "The Waldorf Project" and exhibitions with artists like Bill Billeqvist. Moreover, we hosted company events for Swim Club, McKinsey, and many others.

This venue was a personal favorite for me. With a burning interest in underground feel and music, this venue is one of the messiest, craziest, and coolest places I've worked in and will always hold a place in my heart. 

Here I learned how to love the rawness of a room, adapt, and use what I have to work with to create new exciting things and experiences that lasts.