Leadership in action, Event management.

Kvarteret is a summer club outside the two sister clubs Slaktkyrkan and Hus 7. It works as a connector that enables the two clubs to become one, merging their different concepts and hosting events for up to 3000 people every night of the summer months. That also includes expanding the area further on certain occasions to be able to host festivals such as the “Department festival” or bigger company events with a capacity of up to 8000 people. Hosted artists like Jeff Mills (US) and Maceo Plex (US) among others.Working with such events has made me a capable leader able to juggle multiple stakeholders, and different crowds, being able to steer the concept of the ever-changing club in new directions and adapt it for different occasions and happenings, making the best out of every situation and taking difficult decisions in the moment to create the best possible outcome.