University of  the Arts London- Creative Shift

Visual design and animation, Product and service design, UX.

The brief:
“Design a product or service that fosters community building among students from underrepresented backgrounds in a hybrid world as well as ensure a better outreach for Creative Shift including a communication strategy and campaign”.

This project's team comprised fellow students from Hyper Island: Hanna Carlsson, Cecilia Lin, Emma Fingerson, Luciano Ansoleaga Larrama, and Hasim Otaifa.

 The problems we found in our research that we decided to work with were:
- Limited resources to reach out to students across various colleges in London.
- Difficulty to effectively communicating the topics of their events and the advantages of joining.
- Inability to put up posters due to a new environmental initiative at the colleges of London that restricts the use of printed posters.

Digital poster/pamphlet


To tackle the poster problem we created a digital pamphlet that was easy to access with a QR code. To make students recognize the QR code itself I designed apeling animations and movements that could be projected on the wall, shown on a TV screen on campus, or put on a laptop sticker. The stickers could then be handed out during events.

The pamphlet explained the Creative Shift's overall purpose and contained links to the application and the event calendar that we called the “opportunities board”.

The opportunities board

The team created an improved system for Creative Shift to display and simplify the connection with the students and relay their communication so it was easy to access and understand. Color coding, maps, and icons were used to sort different event categories, and individual sites for information about the events were added. This enabled the students to see the content of each event, making it easier to choose the ones closest and most relevant depending on the situation of the individual student while also making Creative Shift more accessible, and reaching more people  with less resource.