1000 Ocean Startups (World Economic Forum)

Branding, UX research, Image research, copywriting.

“The 1000 Ocean Startups coalition unites the global ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, competitions, matching platforms, and venture capital & corporate venture capital firms supporting startups for ocean impact”.

The project team comprised of fellow Hyper Island students: Cecilia Lin, Hashim Otaifa, Charu Arora, and Vilma Ståhl.

The brief: Help 1000 Ocean Startups define their brand and get a better outreach with posts and events.

The project began with a design audit and research of the organization's web pages, newsletters, and social media outlets.

The insights we obtained led us to create a brand concept that helps 1000 ocean startups define themselves as leading coalitions of the ocean-based economy and distinguish themselves from their peers and members. 
This involved working on the copy, finding suitable imagery and color palette, and creating visual assets. We also worked with vision, mission,  tone of voice and layout.

The project took me on a journey of self-discovery where I realised how much love I feel for the art of telling a story, in whatever context, using picture, text, and voice to create feeling. How a UX journey or a website can function as a mood generator towards your customers and how important the flow is for the total experience of the company or organization. 
It felt extra special to help an organization like 1000 Ocean Startups on its journey of success because of their important work for environmental and ocean-related questions, thereby creating a win for all.